Eyri Restaurant is located in the brilliant off the beaten path, but not too far village of Hjalteyri. Hjalteyri is located in Eyjaford surrounded by water on three sides. Eyri Restaurant offers a nice menu with locally sourced fish, meat, and produce.

The menu changes with the seasons so that we can use local ingredients from the surrounding farms and neighborhood. Eyri has a very cozy atmosphere, and offers great views of the fjord. Hjalteyri is also home to a divinga center, an art gallery, a tannery, lots of artists and a lovely hot tub from where you can spot whales. There is something for everyone.

Join us for Dinner or come in for a drink.   Lunch starting in June. 

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April – May

Everything is served with organic produce from Austurland Food Coop. We strive to serve the best possible dishes, with an interesting twist, not your usual potatoes.   Featuring beers from the Faroe Islands, and we have a unique selection of wines


Soup of the Day ( vegan )
2.600 kr.

Served with garlic bread

Cod Tongues
2.650 kr.

Local  favorite, pan seared medium cod tongues served over garlic bread with wakame Salad

Stuffed Mushrooms ( vegan )
2.600 kr.

stuffed with vegetables and topped with vegan cheese

Seafood Bouillabaisse
3.200 kr.

Fish Fillet, scallops, shrimp, mussels in a bouillabaise made with Persian Saffron

Cubed Reindeer
3.500 kr.

Pan Seared Reindeer with Icelandic rye croutons and ljótur cheese, white wine, berries

Hjalteyri Poke Bowl
2.900 kr.

Cod ceviche, seaweed, black rice mirco greens from rækta farm


Lamb Prime
5.700 kr.

served with icelandic potatoes and organic veggies

Fresh Catch of the Day
4.950 kr.

served wtih bulgur, black rice and organic veggies

Vegan Wellington
4.350 kr.

served with black rice and organic veggies

Beef Flank Steak

served with various organic mushrooms and potatoes

Seasonal Salad
3.300 kr.

Organic lettuce and blanched veggies + 700kr add smoked salmon


1.900 kr.
Kaldi Beer Icecream
Vegan Beetroot and Zucchini Chocolate Cake

3 course menu 9.300kr    //     Choose any starter, maincourse, and dessert